"Perspective of European Credit Unions" Conference in Zagreb

FED invest was honored to be represented as the largest Savings and Credit Association of Albania at the "Perspective of European Credit Unions" Conference in Zagreb, Croatia on September 26, 2023, hosted by HUKU, the Croatian Association of Credit Unions.

Esteemed representatives from the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance of Croatia, various Universities of Economy and Business in Croatia, World Council of Credit Unions, and the European Network of Credit Unions came together for a stimulating exchange on the role and development trends of Credit Unions in Europe.

Mr. Perlat Sulaj, the CEO of FED invest, had the privilege of sharing FED invest's unique contribution in Albania as a panelist, highlighting its pivotal role in:

🌱Financial inclusion for rural populations

🚜 Rural and farmers' development

👩‍🌾 Women empowerment

💡 Digitalization & Financial Literacy initiatives

Mr. Sulaj also discussed the exciting prospects ahead, as FED invest aims to further expand access to semiurban and urban areas, as well as broaden the range of financial services for farmers and micro/small entrepreneurs in Albania. 📈

Grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this important dialogue!

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About :  ENCU and WOCCU representatives at this week's International Conference of the Croatian Association of Credit Unions.


World Council of Credit Unions is the global trade association and development platform for credit unions. World Council promotes the sustainable development of credit unions and other financial cooperatives around the world to empower people through access to high quality and affordable financial services. World Council advocates on behalf of the global credit union system before international organizations and works with national governments to improve legislation and regulation. Its technical assistance programs introduce new tools and technologies to strengthen credit unions' financial performance and increase their outreach.

World Council has implemented 300+ technical assistance programs in 90 countries. Worldwide, 87,914 credit unions in 118 countries serve 393 million people. Learn more about World Council's impact around the world at

World Council of Credit Unions works to advance financial inclusion through the credit union and cooperative model by engaging in international advocacy, development, education and networking that empowers underserved populations, and promotes more equitable and resilient communities.  WOCCU's partner organization, the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions (WFCU) is a separate 501c3, established to advance the shared vision of expanding financial inclusion through a vibrant and growing global credit union system.



Credit unions are regulated and supervised at the national level, however EU legislation increasingly impacts the credit union movement. In order to ensure appropriate and proportionate regulation for credit unions, eight European associations and the World Council of Credit Unions comprise European Network of Credit Unions. The network serves as a platform to exchange information and speaks with one voice on European matters. More concretely, the objectives of the network are to:

  • Educate EU policymakers on what a credit union is, how it is structured and what services it provides
  • Raise awareness of the social role credit unions play, both in European countries and worldwide
  • Formulate positions on EU policies identified as highly important to the credit union movement
  • Advocate these positions vis-à-vis EU decision-makers
  • Engage in an open dialogue with policymakers and other stakeholders

HUKU - Croatian Credit Unions Association

The role of the Croatian Credit Union Association is extremely important today. Through its activities, the Association also seeks to help in the establishment of new credit unions, in order to position credit unions as evenly as possible regionally, and thus significantly encourage regional development and microfinance in the Republic of Croatia.

Data e publikimit: 04/12/2023

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