FED invest in the Spotlight of Rabobank's Impact Brochure for years 2021-2022

Recognized as an inspiring example for Enhancing Financial Inclusion through Digital Services

FED invest team is honored to be recognized in Rabo Partnerships’s prestigious Impact Brochure for our commitment to driving financial inclusion through digital services. At FED invest, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to uplift communities and unlock the full potential of individuals and businesses. At FED, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to uplift communities, especially those in rural areas and unlock the full potential of individuals and businesses.

In fulfilling its social mission, FED invest is guided by the core principles of customer-centricity, innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility. With the support of Rabobank and other strategic partners and innovative technology, FED invest is breaking the traditional barriers of financial access, promoting the economic empowerment and financial sustainability of segments of the population excluded or under-served by banking institutions.



Albania’s financial infrastructure is heavily skewed towards urban areas. Over the past years, FED invest has developed its capabilities and is now a key financial institutions operating across the country with the ability to service the full rural space of Albania. Based on this solid foundation, it’s time for FED invest to grow and develop new product and service propositions to increase the depth of services it can offer.

FED invest aims to serve all retail market segments, including private individuals, (M)SMEs and agriculture. Leveraging on its rural outreach,

FED invest focuses on agricultural value chains, including SME service providers. With our support, in 2022 FED invest implemented an SME sales and service program for all its branches with dedicated SME customer advisors. In addition, new digital services, such as QR payment services and fast, cheap and convenient utility payments were introduced.

These programs and services help FED invest deliver value to its customers while remaining true to its local, cooperative heritage by transforming local branches into advisory and service points for rural communities, supported by dedicated centres for agricultural and technology expertise, financial education and training, and networking opportunities.


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Data e publikimit: 04/12/2023

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